Persona Doll Training is a registered charity based in the United Kingdom and managed
by a committee of four Trustees. Our team of experienced trainers have run training sessions
since March 2002 for practitioners, lecturers, students and advisers in Britain and in Australia,
New Zealand, Germany, Hungary and Iceland.
Over the years we have developed practical and supportive training materials.
For example, together with Team Video we have produced two DVD/videos and support books
which graphically illustrate the power of the Dolls. ‘Persona Dolls in Action’ for Foundation Stage practitioners and ‘Persona Dolls with Older Children’and 'Citizenship For All:Respect Rights Responsibilities' for teachers and learning support staff working with children at Keystages
one and two. In all of them, children are featured in a variety of settings actively participating
and enjoying Persona Doll storytelling sessions. We also have a range of culturally authentic
and appropriately dressed cloth Dolls made in London by an experienced and dedicated team
led by Liliane Reeves