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Persona Doll Training is a registered charity based in the United Kingdom and managed by a committee of five Trustees. Our team of experienced trainers have run training sessions since March 2002 for practitioners, lecturers, students and advisers in Britain and in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hungary and Iceland. Teachers, practitioners and learning support staff working with children at key stages one and two find our training packs practical and useful. Children are featured in a variety of settings actively participating and enjoying Persona Doll storytelling sessions. The power of the Dolls is graphically illustrated. Our range of appealing culturally authentic and appropriately dressed cloth Dolls are made in South Africa by an experienced and dedicated team.
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The innovative Persona Doll approach encourages children to develop empathy and challenge discrimination and unfairness. It helps counter the prejudices and misinformation they pick up even if they have no personal contact with Black and mixed parentage families, with lesbian, gay, Traveller, or refugee families or with families in which adults or children are disabled. And they absorb these negative attitudes whether they live in small villages with mainly White adults and children, in middle class leafy suburbs or in run-down inner city areas.
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Our NEW training pack promotes equality and inclusion

Practitioners & teachers explain how & why they use Persona Dolls to tell stories and encourage children to empathise.

Children talk about tricky issues like: racism, Romaphobia, disability & sexism.

By clicking on the clip you will get a birds-eye view of the DVD. You will be able to see how and why practitioners and teachers use the non-threatening Persona Doll approach to counter discrimination and promote equality and justice with children in nursery, reception and year four. You will see how the children respond and identify with the Dolls. One of the teachers who appears on the DVD, recently shared this anecdote with us. It captures the close and caring relationship that children build with the Dolls.

When Chen our Chinese Doll paid his weekly visit to my reception class, I told the children that he was feeling really sad. When they heard that some kids in the park had laughed at him, called him nasty names and said he had funny eyes; they were shocked and angry. They empathised with Chen and when I asked what Chen could do if it happens again, they suggested he could call those kids horrible names; just walk away; or tell a grown-up.

I left Chen sitting in the classroom for the rest of the afternoon and was surprised and happy to see several children go to give him a hug. One little girl walked around with him for a while and then placed him carefully back on his seat. She came up to me and whispered confidentially, “I gave him a kiss. That will cheer him up!”

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